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Boston Craft Show

Traveling is my favorite activity, talking to people from all around the world, listening to their ideas, getting to know the real felling behind what we might hear in the news....

SOFA Art Fair

The SOFA Chicago Art Fair left me amazed. It was an opportunity to see artworks on an international scale, with prices that match the Sisyphean labor and intelligence invested in them. I saw the crowd, from all over the United States, come to discuss the...

Fashion Tech Jewelry

Love, at first sight, is the kind of love we truly value, the kind where you just happen to be in the elevator together and click! You know you have found a true friend. I’m talking about girlfriends, of course – as most of us...

Apache Rose London

I was a young jewelry designer trying to establish my own new brand in the world when I first met Anna Burke. She was an entrepreneur, passionate about jewelry, art, craft and everything beautiful. ...