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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Weaving art

Textile is the language of the silent woman. A Sisyphean work that requires observation and inner listening which is very distinctive to the rhythm of the industrial world where we are living today." ...

Weaving jewelry

In the weaving tiles collection, I wrapped colorful enameled wires in the same technique that is used for industrial looms samples sketches for weaving. Transforming the weaving process sketches into a fine jewel. ...

Circle of Life

I love art gadget, I collect all kinds of artistic tools, from Looms to small machinery, I am inspired by the possible uses of each item ...


This was my fifth time exhibiting at "Bijoux" exhibition at the Norton Art Museum in Palm Beach, Florida....

The Golden Ring

I take my inspiration from ancient lace and crochet patterns. using traditional textile patterns and technique as inspiration, combining them with modern materials to achieve a new modern interpretation. ...

Apache Rose London

I was a young jewelry designer trying to establish my own new brand in the world when I first met Anna Burke. She was an entrepreneur, passionate about jewelry, art, craft and everything beautiful. ...